Client Presence Verification

CPV is a measurement-based technique designed to verify an assertion about a device's physical presence inside a prescribed geographic region over the Internet.

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The Location Verification Process

In location-based applications, a browser running on a client device connects to a webserver and claims the device is in some geographic location. This unverified assertion can often be faked, and IP-address-based geolocation is susceptible to IP-masking technologies. CPV verifies geographic locations in three stages.

Location Verifiers

CPV uses WebSockets to have the browser communicate with three location verifiers circumscribing the asserted location.

Network Measurements

The verifiers iteratively measure one-way network delays among themselves and with the client.

Information Processing

The information is processed to verify the device's geographic presence inside the triangle determined by the verifiers.


What kind of connection are you using?

Am I inside the triangle?
More information can be found at the research paper published in IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC 2017)
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